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Name Tin
Locations: Sunflower Plain (?,?)
Mushroom Forest (?,?)
Scrap Iron Village (?,?)
Fungus Forest South (?,?)
Requirements: Dig level 11

Materials Collected:

Chance Icon Item Short info
97,49% 5186.gif Tin Mine Weaponsmith, Armorsmith
1,08% 5250.gif Bone Crystal Weaponsmith, Armorsmith (advanced)
0,24% 5256.gif Order:Tin Ingot Weaponsmith
0,24% 5256.gif Order:Wrestle Sword Weaponsmith
0,24% 5256.gif Order:Hammer Weaponsmith
0,24% 5256.gif Order:Thick Beast Leatherlace Armorsmith
0,24% 5256.gif Order:Leather Shoes Armorsmith
0,24% 5256.gif Order:Tower Shield Armorsmith
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