Rainbow Bush

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Name Rainbow Bush
Locations: Dawn Harbor (26,174)
Riprap Coast (?,?)
Cryptic Moon Swamp (?,?)
Jade Vale (?,?)
Cactus Plain (?,?)
Degula Maze (?,?)
Requirements: Collect level 21

Materials Collected:

Chance Icon Item Short info
98,36% 5156.gif Rainbow Grassroot Tailor, Technician
0,82% 5146.gif Moon Pollen Tailor, Technician (advanced)
0,14% 5256.gif Order:Rainbow Grass Silk Tailor
0,14% 5256.gif Order:Moon Gloves Tailor
0,14% 5256.gif Order:Crystal Mantle Tailor
0,14% 5256.gif Order:Walnut Strip Technician
0,14% 5256.gif Order:Silver Statue Technician
0,14% 5256.gif Order:Lvl3 Defensive Fuel Technician
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