Mutant Aerolite

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Name Mutant Aerolite
Used By: Weaponsmith,
Required Skill: Dig 81


Blue Ocean (280,30)


Materials Collected:

Chance Icon Item Short info
99,47% 99,44% 8777.gif Crystal Aerolite Common material
0,28% 8819.gif Brilliant Aerolite Precious material for advanced recipes
0,03% 0,06% 9628.gif Blue Crystal Used for Armor Sets
0,03% 5256.gif Order:Aerolite Ingot Weaponsmith
0,03% 5256.gif Order:Spider Teeth Weaponsmith
0,03% 5256.gif Order:Crystal Spear Weaponsmith
0,03% 5256.gif Order:Skeleton Hammer Weaponsmith
0,03% 5256.gif Order:Original Fell Strip Armorsmith
0,03% 5256.gif Order:Chief Cuffs Armorsmith
0,03% 5256.gif Order:Swiftness Boots Armorsmith
0,03% 5256.gif Order:Flood Shield Armorsmith
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