Deep Sea Fish

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Name Deep Sea Fish
Locations: Sunken Ruins (?,?)
Quiet Ocean (?,?)
Coral Vale (?,?)
Lost Cove (93,25)
Requirements: Fishing level 91

Materials Collected:

Chance Icon Item Short info
98,30% 8810.gif Blue Water Fish Tailor, Cook
1,09% 8901.gif Pollution Quest Item
0,25% 8828.gif Wave Pearl Tailor, Cook (advanced)
0,25% 5184.gif Destroyed Coral Quest Item
0,01% 8893.gif Top Pearl Card See: Card Collection
0,01% 5256.gif Order:Mambo Thread Tailor
0,01% 5256.gif Order:Espial Bracers Tailor
0,01% 5256.gif Order:Espial Boots Tailor
0,01% 5256.gif Order:Coral Manteau Tailor
0,01% 5256.gif Order:Blue Water Fish Meat Cook
0,01% 5256.gif Order:Lvl 10 Sea-land Burger Cook
0,01% 5256.gif Order:Lvl 10 Braised Fish Cook
0,01% 5256.gif Order:Lvl 10 Delicious Burger Cook
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