Treatment For Food Poisoning

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Treatment for Food Poisoning


Quest Giver Requirements Repeatable?
Boship Finished Quest Exposed Plot No
Previous Quest Next Quest
Exposed Plot Learning from Chef Boship
The Healing Lecturer finds the dish contain a poison wich is making people in the four main cities crazy. You must find an antidote as soon as possible.


Exp. Credit Gold
18,000 225 8,000


Step 1
Fight Hook Barft until you get 3/3 Evil Bolus
Fight Savage Priest until you get 5/5 Shrub Bark
Fight Marsh Wind Fairy until you get 5/5 Nature Prime
Fight Burning Monster until you get 1/1 Pure Fire Crystal

Step 2
Give the items to Healing Lecturer in Angel Lyceum (93, 107)

Step 3
Go to Megalith Plain and tell Angel Inspector that the antidote has been confected.

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