The Third Appetizer

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The Third Appetizer


Beelzebub's third test is to find the food material for one of his students called Luxious Ba.


Quest Giver Repeatable Series
Luxious Ba No Dungeon
Previous Quest Next Quest
The Second Appetizer Gorily Aperitif


Faction Lvl Rank Skill Quest
- 30 2 - The Second Appetizer


Exp. Credit Gold
40,000 500 15,000


Step 1
Talk to Luxious Ba

Step 2
Luxious Ba will give 5 Spell Storage Bags. Purchase 25 more bags from Luxious Ba.
The Spell Storage Bag has a 2-hour time limit if it is unused. If necessary, buy more bags. Each bag costs 95 Gold.

Step 3
Defeat 30 Rock Slarm, Terra Lampmen, Evil Flower, Flame Mummy, or Fire Flies until you have 30 Carrion-filled Storage Bags.

Step 4
Talk to Luxious Ba.

Step 5
Find and talk to the Annoying Clerk in front of Magic Kitchen Path in Lava Cave

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