The Puzzle Of Yatiss

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The Puzzle of Yatiss


The ruins of Yatiss's houses have been found in the Ocean. Exploration Scholar Lubo is dedicated to studying them. But his studies have been delayed because he can't interpret the ancient writing


Quest Giver Repeatable Series
Scholar Lubo No Atlantis
Previous Quest Next Quest
- -


Faction Lvl Rank Skill Quest
Any - - - -


Exp. Credit Gold
- - -
Choose one of: Item Name, Item Name


Step 1
Dive to the Blue Ocean, and meet Scholar Lubo whom Yula mentioned.

Step 2
Take Controller Remains to Palm Base an let Pyalu identify it.

Step 3
Go to Hell Palace and obtain 20 Corrosive Acid Pickles by defeating Fire Flies.

Step 4
Return to Palm Base and talk to Pyalu to wash the surface of the controller.

Step 5
Dive back to Blue Ocean and tell Scholar Lubo the identifying result.

Step 6
Take the controller to Controller Dado in Sunken ruins to test it.

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