Stolen Scripts

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Stolen Scripts


Master Tripeta wishes to transport the Sutras he painstakingly copied back to Dyna City, but it was stolen by the Monkey Magicians. He needs someone to help him recover the stolen Sutras.


Quest Giver Repeatable Series
Master Tripeta No Orient 2nd Main
Previous Quest Next Quest
None Spring Peaches


Faction Lvl Rank Skill Quest
None 120 None None None


67,500,000 Exp. 10,00 Credit 1,900,00 Gold
- - -


Step 1
Defeat 100 Monkey Magicians.

Step 2
Report back to Master Tripeta

Step 3
Retrieve the Sutra Cover from Monkey Key Ujo.

Step 4
Find Von' Bolt at the resthouse and ask about the necklace.

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