Mud Temptation

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Quest Name




Quest Giver Repeatable Series
Hans the Prospector No -
Previous Quest Next Quest
- -


Faction Lvl Rank Skill Quest
- 70+ - - -


Exp. Credit Gold
13,000,000 2,000 750,000


Part of Jurassic 2nd Main
This quest requires a lot of walking.

Step 1
Search 1 Earth Sample needed by Hans The Prospector in the Hillock of Lost Cove (look in Dirty Pile). [not guaranteed to drop]

Step 2
Report to Hans The Prospector (he can ask you to do it many times until the sample is good).

Step 3
Get 50 mixed activators from Gold Toxic Wart frog in the Lost Cove (mobs: Gold Toxic Wart).

Step 4
Report to Hans The Prospector and get the reward.

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