Food Material Collection

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Food Material Collection


Quest Giver Requirements Repeatable?
Chef Boship Finished Quest Investigate Evil Food No
Previous Quest Next Quest
Investigate Evil Food Exposed Plot
It is said that a Chef is teaching travelers the recipe to a strange dish at the Dragon Graveyard. The Angel Inspector wants you to investigate him.


Exp. Credit Gold
- - -


Step 1
Find Boship and Talk to him.

Step 2
Battle Circus Tyrants until you obtain 5/5 Mashed Apples.
Battle Tree Elves until you obtain 7/7 Smoky Pitches.
Battle Water Goblins until you obtain 10/10 Excitement Drop.
Battle Savage Dogfaces until you obtain 10/10 Rotten Beast Meat.
(These items will appear in your quest log, not your inventory)

Step 3
Go with Chef Boship again and answer the quest.

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