Are You Evil Enough

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Are you Evil Enough?


Asmode doesn't trust you, so he asks you to rob treasure from Cherry Village.


Quest Giver Repeatable Series
Asmode No Yes (Asmode: 6 of 8)
Previous Quest Next Quest
Obtaining Asmode's Trust Magic Stone


Faction Lvl Rank Skill Quest
Aurora 20 2 - Finished Obtaining Asmode's Trust and Citizen's Plan to Retake Property


Exp. Credit Gold
500 25 -


Step 1
Speak with Asmode (262,178) in Riprap Coast, he will ask you to prove yourself because he isn't sure you're a Pirate.

Step 2
Not sure what to do, you go to Dawn Harbor and speak with the Spy Angel (70,177).

Step 3
The Spy Angel tells you to go to Cherry Village.

Step 4
In Cherry Village speak to Cherry's Leader (235,73) and he will give you a bag of pearls. (Note: You must already have completed the quest Citizen's Plan to Retake Property to get the pearls.)

Step 5
Take the pearls back to Riprap Coast and hand them to Asmode (262,178). He will give you a Magic Stone (which will not appear in your inventory).

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