A Will To Risk

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A Will To Risk


"Gustav is badly injured and is awaiting your treatment. His fate is in your hands." -Quest Log


Quest Giver Repeatable Series
Gustav No -
Previous Quest Next Quest
- -


Faction Lvl Rank Skill Quest
- - - - -


Exp. Credit Gold
30,000 300 12000
Choose one of: Item Name, Item Name


Step 1
Go to Breeze Woods to meet Doctor Cliss

Step 2
Collect these items:
Fire Core of Imp Elf - 4
Anti-inflammatory Gel of Rock Slarm - 6
Cooling Oil of Terra Lampman - 1

Step 3
Return to Breeze Woods and ask Doctor Cliss to make the medicine. You will be required to pay 5000 Gold.

Step 4
Bring the medicine to Gustav. Gustav will die. You will then you need to go to Angel Lyceum

Step 5
Find House Pickets to stop Gustav soul

Step 6
Gustav soul will ask you to find his backpack to be buried with him, but the backpack is stolen by Flame Mummy. Kill Flame Mummy until you find the backpack.

Step 7
Talk to Gustav

Step 8
Talk again to Gustav body. He will be revived then quest ends.


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