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What`s a Cottage?

A cottage is a house which can be decorated to give players special benefits.

Why Manufacture Furniture?

Furniture increases the magic index of your house. The higher the magic index, the more special functions of the house you can perform.

Furniture lasts 30 days from date of manufacture.

Other Benefits

  • Balls: Players can hold "balls", to get special candy which increases one of HP/MP/Atk/S.Atk/Def/S.Def… for 2 hours within 24 hours after the ball. Players can hold balls once every 3 days.
  • Bank: Players can open the bank within their house.
  • Manufacture: Players can manufacture within their house.
  • Mercenary Wand: Players can summon a mercenary with a level associated with the level of the magic index of your house.


  • Clay: Can be randomly acquired by collecting Level 61+ materials.
  • Plywood: Can be randomly acquired by collecting Level 61+ materials.
  • Glue: Can be bought for 20 000 from


For any product made, you have a chance to get 1 of 3 different products.

Other Notes


For a list of recipes, look at the page Recipes

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