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Basic stats

Basic stats (grey numbers in brackets) for each atetype are specified and always goes with the same scheme while leveling. Stats for each level you'll find in pet's info on this site.


Symbol "+" after a number means that final value of this attribute is higher then given because of bonus (green number) from current or previous antetypes.
Each antetype has specific attributes that get bonuses, but their values are random in ranges given in "Bonus" tabs. Once gotten bonuses stay the same until new bonuses are added to previous ones, while evolving into next antetype. So bonuses can accumulate from few evolution levels.


Number of mean/nice answers in training has no influence on stats as long as it results in the same antetype. So giving 7 nice and 6 mean answers gives exactly the same effect as 13 nice answers.

Thunder, Ice, Fire and Rotten defense are the same for all pets and all antetypes. They start with 1 point for each end get 1 point every 2 levels.

Stat Improvement

Pet Feed
Pet Feed increases pet's satiation degree by 500. Apart from no need of feeding for few hours, pet satiation over 100 also causes great enhancement of other stats:
Max.HP Max.MP Atk Dfs Spl Atk Spl Dfs Rig. Ag. Crit Speed Atk Speed
+250% +250% +40% +40% +40% +40% +20% +20% +10 +40% +30%

Improved Pet Feed

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