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Before reading the answers to the different question, take a look to the following references, so later you can understand the guide.

BLUE= Nice Answers (AKA: Encouraged Answers, AB: Fondly)

RED= No Effect Answers (AB: Softly)

GREEN= Mean Answers (AKA: Disciplined Answers, AB: Strictly)

*P*: Pet's Name

*C*: Character's (Owner) Name


*P* is rolling in circles excitedly around *C*

Run after it.

Watch it moving around in circles.

Forbid it to move in circles.

*P* cries towards its owner *C* in a shy fashion

Hug it tightly.

Pat it's head and give it a slight smile.

Not to dote on it. Ignore it.

Pet its head and praise it.

Give it a parental peck on the cheek.

Let it be. Ignore it.

*P* is crying at its owner *C* unhappily

Comfort it in low voice.

Cover its ears.

Teach it a strict lesson.

*P* puts its head out when its owner wasn’t watching

Whistle and pretend to see nothing.

Pretend to tun around casually.

Can't stand watching it.

Hold it tenderly.

Let it act this way until it tires out.

Punish it slightly.

*P* fell down onto the ground and began to cry

Console it in low and gentle voice.

Help it up carefully.

Get up by itself after fell.


Slip on the bubbles.

Blow away the bubbles.

Catch and break all the bubbles.

Comfort it, patiently, in a low voice.

Avoid the water splashes.

Give it a grown up talking to.

Give it a big hug

Being stared at makes you fee lazy.

Glare back with severe eyes.

Shout to draw its attention.

Watch it play quietly

Insects have pathogens. Get rid of them.

Give it a gentle and shining smile.

Pretend to be anxious to find it.

Patiently persuade it to come out.

Wipe the tear on it's face with a towel

Enthusiastically inspire it to try again.

Crying is part of growing up.

Tickle it with your fingers.

Gaze at it softly.

Order it to swim another 3000 meters.


Refrain from hugging it back

Refuse to hug it for justifiable reasons.

Refuse to hug it for unjustified reasons.

Make it calm down softly.

Let it be, until it calms down by itself.

Blame it severely.

Excite it to stir up the inner flame.

Encourage and inspire it.

Give it an enthusiastic hug.

Turn around and give it a loving look.

Ignore it.

Pull your clothing back hard.

Amuse it and calm it's anger.

Cook meat with the flame.

Too dangerous, put out the fire.

Swash next time it spies on you.

Leave it alone and mind own business.

Continue to be cold to it.

Flatter it.

Try to act cooler then it.

Laugh at it.

Go and care for it

Stop it from playing with fire

Put out the fire


Clap for it.

Root for it.

Correct its actions.

Grimace back at it.

Smile back at it.

Give it a blank facial expression.

Ignore its scratching.

Draw it away.

Blame it angrily.

Tease it.

Whistle Happily.

Wave to stop it.

Cheer it up.

Show it concern.

Wave to stop it.

Guffaw Madly.

Turn back to scratch it's itches.

Use all your strength to throw it off.

Go and care for it.

Look up to see the same thing as it does.

Cry out to frighten it.


Squat down to pile up stones together.

Pull it up from the ground.

Push the stone piles over.

Go and care for it.

Ignore it.

Lecture it.

Strike it the same way.

Show it that you are impatient.

Stop it from striking the ground.

Give it a massage to invigorate it.

Look at it blankly

Cry out to frighten it.

Look at it, smiling.

Watch it, simpering.

Look at it, sneering.

Accept the stones.

Throw away the stones

Pretend not to see.

Pick it up.

Secretly run away for it.

Clean it with water.


Play happily with it.

Feel happy for it.

Order it to be quiet.

Play with it.

Push it away due to its heavy weight.

Let it keep groveling on the ground.

Accept the bad luck and dry yourself.

Ignore it.

Tell it off, angrily.

Pat it quietly.

Play tricks with it.

Leave it alone.

Scratch the itches for it.

Help it to shower with hot water.

Get it to wash itself.

Pat it's belly gently.

Only pat it's once on the belly.

Smile at it's belly.

Give it a dessert and cheer it up.

Avoid making eye contact.

Shake your head seriously.


Capture it and teach it a lesson.

Stare at it calmly.

Order it to stop crying.

Play with it.

Push it away due to its heavy weight.

Let it keep groveling on the ground.

Pat it quietly.

Play tricks with it.

Leave it alone.

Give it a massage to invigorate it.

Cover its mouth.

Copy it by having a big yawn.

See the direction it is snarling towards.

Don't bother about it.

Order it to be quiet.

Scratch it tenderly.

Pat its head gently.

Wipe its face with a towel.

Scratch the itches for it.

Help it to shower with hot water.

Get it to wash itself.


So cute that can't help petting it.

Why I sit behaving so creepy.

Ignore it to toughen it up purposely.

Help it fertilize and water the soil.

Pull out the surrounding weeds.

Wait silently beside it.

Carefully get rid of the vermin.

Splash pesticide on it.

Vermin deserve resection as lives.

Encourage it to breathe deeply.

Expel the carbon dioxide from it's mouth.

Keep a careful eye on it.

Make efforts to persuade it out.

Wait until it can stand by itself.

Start to dig it out from the earth.

Cut off the damaged parts.

Bind up the injured parts.

Keep it up as a showy scar.

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