Defensive Pets
Pet/Monster Name Where to catch Boss
Green Rock Goblin Nightmare Palace No
Rainbow Bird Roam Battlefield No
Flame Bird Roam Battlefield No
Erosion Worm Sky Pumice No
Sword Worm Sky Pumice No
Stone Scout Winding Flower Corridor No
Capt of the Guard Winding Flower Corridor No
Sky Winged Bird Building Blocks County No
Earth-Winged Bird Building Blocks County No
Shield Armor Crocodile Raven Riverpoint No
Belly Crocodile Raven Riverpoint No
Amphibian Thorny Turtle Hunter's Ridge No
Rock Dragon Turtle Hunter's Ridge No
Red Crab Rex Point No

Pet Stats

HP: 190+
MP: 126+
Atk: 44
Def: 114+
SA: 29
SD: 30+
Rig: 23+
Agi: 21+

If your caught pet has these grey stats, then it's Defensive type

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