Archery Pets
Pet/Monster Name Where to catch Boss
Unicorn Rabbit Quiet Vale No
Flaming Rose Mysterious Garden Yes
Cyrcus Tyrant South of Mirror Lake No
Dusk Lantern Port Cherube No
Ice Flower Clouding Forest No
Bird Sharpshooter Giant Wooden Stairs No
Dawn Lantern Port Cherube No
Monkey Kid Hazelnut Ridge No
Monkey Magician Hzelnut Ridge No
Guiding Lantern Angelic Cave No
Midnight Lantern Angelic Cave No
Festive Lantern Dyna City No
Dancing Lantern Dyna City No
Special Swimmer Mouse Iceberg Lake No
Green Pitcher Sakura Valley No
Crandeer Sakura Valley No
Blue Barrel Cannon Yeeha Bar No
Blue Range Cannon Desolate Ruins No

Pets Stats

HP: 118+
MP: 96+
Atk: 34+
Def: 25+
SA: 11+
SD: 11+
Rig: 19+
Agi: 17+

If your caught pet has these grey stats, then it's Archer type

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