Protector Pets
Pet/Monster Name Where to catch Boss
Red Mushroom Mushroom Forest No
Grey Butterfly Roam Battlefield No
Skeletal Rogue Shadowy Path No
Savage Dogface Thorn Wasteland No
Jackstraw Spike Farm No
Evil Knight Sad Abyss, Fiery Path, Flaming Door. No
Evil Cat Yesse Memory Cave Yes
Declined Angel Hell Palace No
Animal Slave Ancient Glide River No
Animal Soldier Half-beast Hamlet No
Animal Warrior Half-beast Hamlet No
Animal Guard Half-beast Hamlet No
Giant Forest Moth Clouding Forest No
Wood-eating Worm Giant Wooden Stairs No
Giant Wood Moth Giant Wooden Stairs No
Bird Soldier Giant Wooden Stairs No
Onion Bud Crescent Valley No
Cruel Executioner Desert Racetrack No
Blazing Scorpion Desert Racetrack No
Desert Worm Desert Racetrack No
Desert Worm Elite Desert Racetrack No
Shadow Scorpion Ghost Village No
Fat Thief Jem Ghost Village No
Mad Bomber Ghost Village No
Sky Monkey Vine Front No
Momo Monkey Vine Front No
Ocean Hermit Vine Front No
Purple Hermit Vine Front No
Hairy Orangutan Roam Battlefield No
Green Orangutan Roam Battlefield No
Grey Butterfly Roam Battlefield No
Dew Buttlerfly Roam Battlefield No
Stinging Crab Sky Pumice No
Violet Crab Sky Pumice No
Violent Mystfire Hazelnut Ridge No
Jade Mystfire Hazelnut Ridge No
Bloodaxe Soldier Hazelnut Ridge No
Jade Swordman Hazelnut Ridge No
Reishi Baby Angelic Cave No
Lady Shroomile Angelic Cave No
Battleaxe Soldier Angelic Cave No
Jade Axe Soldier Angelic Cave No
Baby Shroom Emerald Shores No
Lady Shroom Emerald Shores No
Bloodsabre Captain Butterfly Garden No
Giant Imperial Swordman Butterfly Garden No
Crystal Cave Snowman Radiant Cave No
Zippy Snowball Silver Wing Cable Car Station No
Mini Robodog Steam Town No
Blue Robodog Steam Town No
Restless Skeletrooper Agysical Tunnel No
Jumpy Blue Brolly Edo City No
Bald Wanderer Fox Shrine No
Prickly Poisoner Fox Shrine No
Fragrant Onigiri Hot Springs Resort No

Pet Stats

HP: 127+
MP: 70+
Atk: 40+
Def: 25+
SA: 11
SD: 9
Rig: 17+
Agi: 17+

If your caught pet has these grey stats, then it's Protector type

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