Spear Warriors
Pet/Monster Name Where to catch Boss
Hook Worm King Giant Wooden Stairs Yes
Cactus Fighter Crescent Valley Yes
Purple Scorpion Isaac Crescent Valley Yes
Valley Worm Kenny Crescent Valley Yes
Thief Walter Ghost Village Yes
Season Coat Season Garden Yes
Hell Envoy Disco Mushroom Village Yes
Eyebasher Chiley Building Block County Yes
Crystal Shrimp Lost Cove No
Jumpy Lizard Dragon Lost Cove No
Arrogant Beastman Rock Forest No
Ferocious Beast Soldier Rock Forest No
Original Barbarian Rock Forest No
Big-name Orangutan Hoca Village No
Wetland Orangutan Hoca Village No
Hoca Barbarian Hunter's Ridge No
Exploration Chair Rex Rex Point No
Seed Crab Rex Point No

Pet Stats

HP: 204+
MP: 105+
Atk: 48+
Def: 106+
SA: 29
SD: 30+
Rig: 23+
Agi: 21

If your caught pet has these grey stats, then it's Spear type

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