Holy Pets
Pet/Monster Name Where to catch Boss
Ali Bandit Ghost Village No
Poison Smoker Ancient Front No
Earth Worm Ancient Front No
Dark Beetle Ancient Front No
Shadow Work Troop Outpost No
Bottle Leaguer Nightmare Palace No
Bottle Captain Nightmare Palace No
Red Statue Ghost Levi's Bedroom No
Colorful Bird Sky Pumice No
Golden Sparrow Sky Pumice No
Bloody Stone Demon Sky Pumice No
Stone Demon Sky Pumice No
Flower Walker Winding Flower Corridor No
Flower Breather Winding Flower Corridor No
Blue Bird Winding Flower Corridor No
Violet Robot Airship Station No
Thunder Robot Airship Station No
Light Airship Airship Station No
Floating Airship Airship Station No
Adv Mech Soldier X Airship Station No
Mech Soldier Y Airship Station No
Mech Soldier X Bouleterion No
Adv Mech Soldier Y Bouleterion No
Eyebasher Season Garden No
Swift Eyebasher Season Garden No
Purple Evil Cat Mushroom Village No
Flaming Evil Cat Mushroom Village No
Beach Sheep Mushroom Village No
Ocean Sheep Mushroom Village No
Gluttonous Soul Building Block City No
Toy Soldier Building Block City No
Black Forest Spearman Chocolate Forest No
Blue Rabbit Chocolate Village No
Pink Rabbit Chocolate Village No
Strawberry Leader Chocolate Village No
White Fairy Strawberry Garden No
Cheese Spearman Strawberry Garden No
Berry Sandwich Goblin Chocolate Forest No
Black Forest Spearman Chocolate Forest No
Purple Spearman Chocolate Forest No
Diamond Spearman Chocolate Forest No
Drought Toad Lost Cove No
Remote Crustacean Rock Forest No
Ghost Face Moth Hoca Village No
Soul Moth Hoca Village No
Spy Dragon Hoca Village No
Water Thorny Dragon Raven Riverpoint No
Patrol Winged Dragon Raven Riverpoint No
Barren Spearman Rex Point No
Pioneer Cadle Rex Shilly Desert No
Violent Thunderhorn Angelic Cave No
Thunderwing Angelic Cave No
Creepy Doll Fox Shrine No

Pet Stats

HP: 170+
MP: 126+
Atk: 48+
Def: 91+
SA: 33+
SD: 29+
Rig: 25+
Agi: 23+

If your caught pet has these grey stats, then it's Holy type

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