Nature Protectors
Pet/Monster Name Where to catch Boss
Slarm Angel Lyceum, East Playground, West Playground No
Evil Slarm Sunflower Plain, Training Area No
One-eyed Bat Training Area No
Desert Mouse Wishing Tear No
Ocher Toad Wishing Tear No
Crystal Lizard Wishing Tear Yes
Magic Cat Memory Cave No
Garden Elf Mysterious Garden No
Sea Shark Blue Ocean, Dream Ocean, Raging Reefs No
Valley Orangutan River Valley No
Stone Crocodile River Valley No
Sharp Crocodile River Valley No
Moon Berry Elf River Valley No
Forest Boar River Valley No
Cyan Dragon River Valley No
Red Dragon River Valley No
Evil Pawn Secret Den No
Evil Monitor Secret Den No
Bloody Widow Secret Den No
Maneating Crocodile Secret Den No
Den Crcodile Secret Den No
Fire-shell Worm Secret Den No
Iron-shell Worm Secret Den No
Blue Clapper Dragon Waterfall Camp No
Red Clapper Dragon Waterfall Camp No
Dasheen Elf Waterfall Camp No
Orangutan Mother Waterfall Camp No
Giant Rage Ape Waterfall Camp No
Rotten Fly Waterfall Camp No
Green Scale Soldier Noisy Rain Forest No
Dark Corpse Flower Noisy Rain Forest No
Mandala Mushroom Noisy Rain Forest No
Noisy Worm Noisy Rain Forest No
Orangutan Aunt Noisy Rain Forest No
Jade Bloody Flower Noisy Rain Forest No
Man-eating Orchid Ancient Glide River No
Golden Scale Guard Ancient Glide River No
Lily Mushroom Ancient Glide River No
Giant Hook Worm Ancient Glide River No
Rain Butterfy Ancient Glide River No
Yellow Clapper Dragon Half-beast Hamlet No
Naga Warrior Half-beast Hamlet No
Sand Spider Crescent Valley No
Gloomy Smoker Crescent Valley No
Moon Worm Crescent Valley No
Venom Beetle Crescent Valley No
Blazing Smoker Desert Racetrack No
Shaking Mushroom Vine Front No
Jumping Mushroom Vine Front No
Blue Rotten Bird Vine Front No
Red Rotten Bird Vine Front No
Grass Moth Scout Port Cherube No
Violet Moth Scout Port Cherube No
Grinning Scarecrow Gaia Valley No
Startled Scarecrow Gaia Valley No
Chestnut Kid Dyna City No
Navee Kid Dyna City No
Rainbow Chick Butterfly Garden No
Blue Bramblebird Butterfly Garden No
Ghostflame Imp Goldhill No
Graystone Sprout Sunset Valley No
Vampy Flower Forbidden Sector No
Purple Onigiri Samara Woods No
Fragrant Bugtrap Sakura Valley No

Pet Stats

HP: 127+
MP: 96+
Atk: 34+
Def: 25
SA: 14+
SD: 11
Rig: 18+
Agi: 15+

If your caught pet has these grey stats, then it's Nature type

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