Strong Physical Pets
Pet/Monster Name Where to catch Boss
Poo Poo Demon Magic Kitchen Path No
Mummy Burning Desert No
Rainforest Mud Clouding Forest No
Naga Elite Soldier Clouding Forest No
Guard Statue Giant Wooden Stairs No
Purple Moth Giant Wooden Stairs No
Spikey Warthog Port Cherube No
Hog Wraith Port Cherube No
Raging Minimoo Hazelnut Ridge No
Charging Minimoo Hazelnut Ridge No
Brutal Crabshell Emerald Shores No
Gold Crabshell Emerald Shores No
Vanga Horned Turtle Emerald Shores No
Kava Horned Turtle Emerald Shores No
Baby Monkey?? Emerald Shores No
Monkey Rayan?? Emerald Shores No
Iceland Bigfoot Silver Wing Cable Car Station No
Stealth Searcher Forbidden Sector No
Raging Wanderer Fox Shrine No
Bluesea Monkey Ninja Land No

Pet Stats

HP: 127+
MP: 70+
Atk: 34
Def: 76+
SA: 9
SD: 11+
Rig: 18+
Agi: 15+

If your caught pet has these grey stats, then it's Strong type

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