Critical Pets
Pet/Monster Name Where to catch Boss Level
Header Gaberna Gebuer Vale Yes 30
Jail Warden Fiery Path Yes 60
Slave Driver Sad Abyss Yes 70
Bloody Flower Fiery Path Yes 70
Ice Frost Tiger Shilly Desert No 142
Fat Thief Jim Ghost Village No
Baba Bandit Ghost Village No
Sand Rock Goblin Ancient Front No
Blago Miner Fantastic Sand City No
Blago Warrior Fantastic Sand City No
Gelu Warrior Fantastic Sand City No
Bottle Soldier Fantastic Sand City No
Bottle Warrior Troop outpost No
Flame Worm Troop Outpost No
Dark Warrior Nightmare Palace No
Palace Soldier Nightmare Palace No
Steel Crab Winding Flower Corridor No 110
Fat Baby Airship Station No
Dark Baby Airship Station No
Dasheen Demon Season Garden No
Fruit Soldier Fruit Town No
Fruit Spearman Fruit Town No
Pink Violet Fruit Town No
Purple Violet Fruit Town No
Kaz Swordman Chocolate Village No
Kaz Spearman Chocolate Village No
Sandwich Fighter Chocolate Village No
Strawberry Soldier Chocolate Village No
Cheese Warrior Strawberry Garden No
Black Forest Soldier Chocolate Forest No
Spade Spearman Chocolate Forest No
Club Spearman Chocolate Forest No
Evil Big-eye Boy Lost Cove No
Wing Defender Rock Forest No
Soaring Dragon Rock Forest No

Pet Stats

HP: 184+
MP: 126+
Atk: 56+
Def: 91+
SA: 31
SD: 25
Rig: 25+
Agi: 23+

If your caught pet has these grey stats, then it's Critical type

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