Badge Angel

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Badge Angel


Angel Lyceum (186,55)



1x 5637.gif Copper Monster Badge » 5261.gif Secret Gift

Item Drop Table

Chance to drop Icon Item Short info
40,00% 5097.gif Low-effect Red Potion 1 x2 Food (HP +50)
35,00% 5280.gif Low-effect Blue Potion 1 x2 Food (MP +40)
12,00% 5211.gif Badge Collection Memorial Ring Trinket (Max.HP +20, Dfs +12, Spl Dfs +5, Rig.+6, Ag.+4)
12,00% 5906.gif Badge Memorial Necklace Trinket (Max.MP +20, Spl Atk +10, Spl Dfs +10, Rig.+2, Ag.+2)
1,00% 5872.gif Traveller Bag Backpack (Max.HP +40, Slots 10)
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