Venom Snake

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Name Venom Snake
Spells: - monster-name.gif
Location: Vine Front


Type Boss Aggressive
Animal No No
Level Hit Points Rigor Agility
95 7987 567 297
Attack Defense Spell Attack Spell Defense
1216 1266 685 359
Special Attack Special Defense Strong Against Weak Against
+55 Rotten +75 Rotten Rotten Ice
Attack Range Speed Attack Speed
Short(2) Very Fast(100) Fast(80)
Critical Stamina Soul
5 20 40
Item Drop Chance Experience Gold
0.05% 3594 351 - 447

Item Drop Table

Chance to drop Icon Item Short info
93.16% 6798.gif Saint Armor ITEM NOTES
2.33% 6798.gif GoodSaint Armor ITEM NOTES
0.1% 6738.gif Holy Guard Armor ITEM NOTES
0.22% 8884.gif FatSpot Seal ITEM NOTES
0.77% xxxx.gif A.Plan2:Saint Armor ITEM NOTES
3.42% xxxx.gif Flawless Purple Gem ITEM NOTES


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