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Name Thief Walter
Spells: - thief%20walter.PNG
Location: Ghost Village


Type Boss Aggressive
Animal Yes Yes
Level Hit Points Rigor Agility
98 89110 502 306
Attack Defense Spell Attack Spell Defense
1459 1459 1130 704
Special Attack Special Defense Strong Against Weak Against
+49 Rotten ? Rotten Ice
Attack Range Speed Attack Speed
Short (1) Very Fast (100) Moderate (70)
Critical Stamina Soul
5 40 80
Item Drop Chance Experience Gold
100% 180448 3813 - 4853

Item Drop Table

Chance to drop Icon Item Short info
1.04% 6849.gif Evil Hammer ITEM NOTES
1.04% 6796.gif Saint Helmet ITEM NOTES
1.04% 6794.gif Wind Armor ITEM NOTES
1.04% 6795.gif Wind Boots ITEM NOTES
1.04% 6857.gif Symbol Shield ITEM NOTES
0.05% 6849.gif Good Evil Hammer ITEM NOTES
0.05% 6796.gif Good Saint Helmet ITEM NOTES
0.05% 6794.gif Good Wind Armor ITEM NOTES
0.05% 6795.gif Good Wind Boots ITEM NOTES
0.05% 6859.gif Good Coral Manteau ITEM NOTES
0.01% 8958.gif Aries Judge ITEM NOTES
0.01% 6737.gif Holy Guard Helmet ITEM NOTES
0.01% 6722.gif Storm Armor ITEM NOTES
0.01% 6724.gif Storm Boots ITEM NOTES
0.01% 6770.gif Blue Wings ITEM NOTES
0.01% 8882.gif Rade Fast Seahorse ITEM NOTES
0.08% 5616.gif W.Plan2:Evil Hammer 6849.gif
0.07% 5444.gif Clean Orange Gem ITEM NOTES
93.94% 5938.gif Great Magic Fruit ITEM NOTES
0.46% 8893.gif Robber Walter Card ITEM NOTES


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