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Name Lily
Description: A beautiful white lily, with teeth. The Lyceum Lily gives off an enticing aroma to draw in unsuspecting prey. A wise adventurer would do well to be wary of sticking his nose in the flower. If they want to keep that nose. wild-lily.gif
Location: Angel Lyceum, East Playground, West Playground


Type Boss Aggressive
Plant No No
Level Hit Points Rigor Agility
1 100 17 15
Attack Defense Spell Attack Spell Defense
23 25 9 13
Special Attack Special Defense Strong Against Weak Against
- 0 - -
Attack Range Speed Attack Speed
Long (12) 0 Very Slow (30)
Critical Stamina Soul
5 10 30
Item Drop Chance Experience Gold
4,04% 43 4 - 6 (5)

Item Drop Table

Chance to drop Icon Item Short info
49,48% 5198.gif Low-level Biscuits Food (+50 HP)
49,48% 5285.gif Low-level Magic Grass Food (+40 MP)
1,03% 8890.gif Lily Card See: Card Collection
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