Flame Worm

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Name Flame Worm
Spells: - flame%20worm.PNG
Location: Troop Outpost


Type Boss Aggressive
Animal No Yes
Level Hit Points Rigor Agility
97 8190 497 303
Attack Defense Spell Attack Spell Defense
1183 1319 118 367
Special Attack Special Defense Strong Against Weak Against
+48Lightning ? Lightning Fire
Attack Range Speed Attack Speed
Short (1) Very Fast (100) Moderate (70)
Critical Stamina Soul
5 20 40
Item Drop Chance Experience Gold
0.05% 4569 360 - 458

Item Drop Table

Chance to drop Icon Item Short info
95.29% xxxx.gif Espial Gown ITEM NOTES
2.38% xxxx.gif GoodEspial Gown ITEM NOTES
0.11% xxxx.gif Magnetic Gown ITEM NOTES
0.23% xxxx.gif RadeFast Seahorse ITEM NOTES
0.4% xxxx.gif D.Plan2:Espial Gown ITEM NOTES
0.4% xxxx.gif Craft Recipe 2:Life Wand ITEM NOTES
1.19% xxxx.gif Clean Emerald ITEM NOTES


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