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Name Evil Eye
Spells: Thunder Strike,Canker Moss,Cracking Beat 2j2yskx.jpg
Location: Riddle Territory Area


Type Boss? Aggressive? Attack Range
Demon Yes Yes ?
Level Hit Points Rigor Agility
100 67049 462 282
Attack Defense Magic Attack Magic Defense
1482 1143 618 346
Bonus Damage Strong Against Weak Against
Ice +43 Nothing Nothing
Item Drop Chance Experience Gold
100% 50287 30485 - 57014

Item Drop Table

Chance to drop Icon Item Short info
20% 9562.gif Escape Potion
15% 9597.gif Spacious Iron
15% 9596.gif Spacious Bank
6.3% 6585.gif Wit Staff
6.3% 6588.gif Winter Sword
6.3% 6583.gif Cyclone Spear
6.3% 6587.gif Cutter's Axe
6.3% [[image image:icon/6581.gif] Awakening Sword
1.68% 6585.gif Good Wit Staff
1.68% 6588.gif Good Winter Sword
1.68% 6583.gif Good Cyclone Spear
1.68% 6587.gif Good Cutter's Axe
1.68% 6581.gif Good Awakening Sword
1.62% 5002.gif Lvl 8 Lucky Ride Feed
1.62% 9587.gif Eight-star Lucky Piercing Hammer
1.62% 9587.gif Eight-star Lucky Enhanced Pestle
1.21% 5445.gif Flawless Orange Gem
1.21% 5465.gif Flawless Purple Gem
2.33% 5955.gif Top Weapon Chest lvl 80 Open to get one of the following things randomly: Adam's Power, Elar's Leaf, Namila's Soul, Jiabli's Nail, or Libelice's Torture
0.5% 5955.gif Top Weapon chest Lvl 90 Open it to get one of the following things randomly: Minaca Attacker, Shalio's Bone, Shaer's Will, Xilios's Soul or Lvl 90 Blasting Light Armor Egg
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