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Name Evil Chieftain
Spells: spear-cyclone-stab.gif Cyclone Stab
Single Short-R. | Power 358 | x4
- spear-dancing-stab.gif Dancing Stab
Self AOE | Power 456
Location: Nightmare Cave


Type Boss? Aggressive? Attack Range
Human Yes Yes Short
Level Hit Points Rigor Agility
45 223830 337 207
Attack Defense Magic Attack Magic Defense
495 787 449 436
Bonus Damage Strong Against Weak Against
Nothing Nothing Nothing
Item Drop Chance Experience Gold
100,00% 1581 -

Item Drop Table

Chance to drop Icon Item Short info
99.54% 5960.gif Dream Piece x3 Used to exchange for items
0.46% 8890.gif Evil Chieftain Card See: Card Collection


Talk to ??? and give to her the 5958.gif Green Stone to summon the Evil Chieftain and 5 Tribe Soldier

With 700 of atk it takes +- 30 minutes to kill it.

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