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Name Bitter Witch Doctor
Spells: - monster-name.gif
Location: Hermit Wetland


Type Boss Aggressive
Human Yes No
Level Hit Points Rigor Agility
95 39427 507 309
Attack Defense Spell Attack Spell Defense
1230 1374 1151 1024
Special Attack Special Defense Strong Against Weak Against
+47 Rotten +68 Rotten Rotten Ice
Attack Range Speed Attack Speed
Short(1) Very Fast(100) Moderate(70)
Critical Stamina Soul
5 40 80
Item Drop Chance Experience Gold
100% 29205 1734 - 2208

Item Drop Table

Chance to drop Icon Item Short info
47.13% 5938.gif Great Magic Fruit ITEM NOTES
47.13% 5976.gif Great Target Potion ITEM NOTES
4.72% 6800.gif Espial Hood ITEM NOTES
0.54% 5283.gif Pestle ITEM NOTES
0.21% 6800.gif Good Espial Hood ITEM NOTES
0.17% 5440.gif Flawless Ruby ITEM NOTES
0.07% 5618.gif D.Plan2:Espial Hood 6800.gif
0.01% 6757.gif Magnetic Hat ITEM NOTES
0.01% 8724.gif Betel Jelly Jellyfish Armor ITEM NOTES
0.01% 5611.gif Scroll 4:Natural Antibody 5 earth-natural-antibody.gif


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