Azrael Hook

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Name Azrael Hook
Spells: - 87.jpg
Location: Magic Kitchen Path


Type Boss? Aggressive? Attack Range
Deamon No Yes Short
Level Hit Points Rigor Agility
63 4572 327 201
Attack Defense Magic Attack Magic Defense
484 729 457 258
Bonus Damage Strong Against Weak Against
Thunder +30 Ice Rotten
Item Drop Chance Experience Gold
0.05% 914 253 - 419 (?)

Item Drop Table

Chance to drop Icon Item Short info
50.69% 6586.gif Shake Axe
42,22% 5530.gif Lvl 6 Robber Lord Map Piece See: Treasure Maps
4.22% 6586.gif Good Shake Axe
1.39% 5618.gif D.Plan2:Energy Cuffs 6609.gif Sew lvl 65
0.84% 8507.gif Green Dida Cayman Robot
0.42% 6546.gif Nemesis Axe
0.21% 5439.gif Clean Ruby


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