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General information

Type Equip Slot Weight Made from Used for
Semiproduct - Metal Ingot - 10 Metal Weapons, Armors

Item list

Icon Name Level
5692.gif Copper Ingot 1
5697.gif Refined Copper Ingot 5
5189.gif Tin Ingot 11
5314.gif Refined Tin Ingot 15
5693.gif Iron Ingot 21
5698.gif Refined Iron Ingot 25
5694.gif Obsidian Brick 31
5699.gif Refined Obsidian Brick 35
5695.gif Steel Ingot 41
5700.gif Refined Steel Ingot 45
5696.gif Bauxite Ingot 51
5701.gif Refined Bauxite Ingot 55
8532.gif Black Silver 61
8533.gif Refined Black Silver 65
8534.gif Gold Ingot 71
8535.gif Refined Gold Ingot 75
8778.gif Aerolite Ingot 81
8779.gif Refined Aerolite Ingot 85
8781.gif Violetnut Ingot 91
8782.gif Refined Violetnut Ingot 95
9638.gif Graphite Ingot 101
9639.gif Refined Graphite Ingot 105
9640.gif Chromate Ingot 111
9641.gif Refined Chromate Ingot 115
image:icon.gif Glitter Crystal 121
image:icon.gif Glitter Green Crystal 125
image:icon.gif Energy Ingot 131
image:icon.gif Refined Energy Ingot 135
image:icon.gif Red Ingot 141
image:icon.gif Refined Red Ingot 145
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