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General information

Type Equip Slot Weight Skill Icon
Scroll - 10 Life 5608.gif
More information about Life spells in Life section.

Item list

Name Level Price Details
Scroll 1: Cure Spell 5 22 Dropped Dawn Harbor: Mousekin Mickey (BOSS)
Riprap Coast: Vice Head Pirate (BOSS)
Cryptic Moon Swamp: Frog Lord Kuppa (BOSS)
Cactus Plain: Farmongee (BOSS)
Bottomless Pit: Wizard Mord (BOSS)
Scroll 1: Shock Wave 5 24 Dropped Riprap Coast: Sheep Music (BOSS)
Jade Vale: Evil Moon Rabbit (BOSS)
Burning Desert: Undying Lord (BOSS)
Degula Maze: Eye Bershala (BOSS)
Scroll 1: Halo Strike 5 44 Dropped Mysterious Wetlands: Wind Fairy Clair (BOSS)
Scroll 1: Aurora Wings 5 48 Dropped Thunder Ruins: Azrael's Aide (BOSS)
Scroll 1: Angel's Tears 5 50 Dropped Thunder Ruins: Azrael's Aide (BOSS)
House: Fairy Clare (BOSS)
Scroll 1: Life Blessing 5 54 Dropped Deity Palace Ruins: Fane Priest (BOSS)
Scroll 1: Binding 5 56 Dropped Deity Palace Ruins: Fane Protector (BOSS)
Scroll 1: Holy Heal 5 60 Dropped Thorn Wasteland: Savage Chief Apu (BOSS)
Scroll 1: Heart Beat 5 60 Dropped Thunder Ruins: Fallen Archangel (BOSS)
Scroll 1: Silver Shield 5 64 Dropped Lava Cave: Giant Rotten Fly (BOSS)
Scroll 1: Angel's Light 5 64 Dropped Fiery Path: Wanderer (BOSS)
House: Evil Miner (BOSS)
Scroll 1: Heart Hit 5 64 Dropped Fiery Path, Lava Cave, Flaming Door: Terra Lampman
Magic Kitchen Path: Soul Slalin (BOSS)
Riddle Territory Area: Terra Lampman (Terra)
Super Area: Evil Flower (Terra)
Scroll 1: Dawn Shield 5 68 Dropped Magic Kitchen Path: Rock God Mendun (BOSS)
Gulp Room: Lion Dragon (BOSS)
Scroll 1: Holy Eyes 5 80 Dropped Underground Square: Enmity Deissy (BOSS)
House: Evil Daisy (BOSS)
Scroll 1: Vigor Blessing 5 84 Dropped Lost Region: Hicalu Machine (BOSS)
Horrible Lost Region: Hicalu Machine (BOSS)
Scroll 1: Protection Spell 5 92 Dropped Blue Sea, Dream Ocean: Merman Hulio (BOSS)
Dragon Field: Dragon Knight Gordon (BOSS)
Scroll 1: Aurora Trap 5 92 Dropped Blue Sea, Dream Ocean: Leader Nio (BOSS)
Scroll 1: Heaven Hammer 5 94 Dropped Quiet Ocean: Sea Explorer (BOSS)
Scroll 1: Revival 5 96 Dropped Quiet Ocean: Captain Hack (BOSS)
Scroll 1: Energy Light 5 98 Dropped Evil Ship: Asharl (BOSS)
Scroll 1: Crusader's Justice 5 112 Dropped Leviathan's Bedroom: Lantern Chacha (BOSS)
Scroll 1: Punishing Shield 5 116 Dropped Clouding Forest: Dream Elf Melia (BOSS)
Scroll 1: Dazzling Burst 5 140 LOCKED
Scroll 1: Hurt Recovery 5 148 LOCKED
Scroll 1: Deific Rebuke 5 162 LOCKED
Scroll 1: Defensive Wall 5 168 LOCKED
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