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General information

Type Equip Slot Weight Skill Used by
Material - Metal - 10 Dig Weaponsmith, Armorsmith

Item list

Icon Name Collected from Skill Level
5662.gif Copper Mine Copper 1
5663.gif Broken Rock crystal Copper 1
5186.gif Tin Mine Tin 11
5250.gif Bone Crystal Tin 11
5187.gif Iron Mine Iron 21
5253.gif Green Crystal Iron 21
5664.gif Obsidian Mine Obsidian 31
5665.gif Magic Crystal Obsidian 31
5188.gif Steel Mine Steel 41
5254.gif Dragon Crystal Steel 41
5666.gif Bauxite Mine Bauxite 51
5667.gif Star Crystal Bauxite 51
8509.gif Black Silver Mine Silica,
Black Silver
8521.gif Rainbow Stone Silica,
Black Silver
8510.gif Gold Mine Gold 71
8522.gif Colorful Stone Gold 71
8777.gif Crystal Aerolite Aerolite,
Mutant Aerolite
8819.gif Brilliant Aerolite Aerolite,
Mutant Aerolite
8780.gif Violetnut Mine Violetnut 91
8820.gif Purple Lapis Violetnut 91
9636.gif Lead Mine Graphite 101
9674.gif Lead Stone Graphite 101
9637.gif Chromite Chromite 111
9675.gif Iron Stone Chromite 111
image:icon.gif Bright Spar Bright Crystal 121
image:icon.gif Ice Crystals Bright Crystal 121
image:icon.gif Energy Ore Energy Ore 131
image:icon.gif Energy Crystal Energy Ore 131
image:icon.gif Red Ore Crimson Lode 141
image:icon.gif Red Crystal Crimson Lode 141
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