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Type Equip Slot Hardiness Weight Required Level Price
Gem - - 1 Item Level 40 Sell: 10


Can be set in the equipment which has a hole cut to increase the power.
Weapon Armor Shield
Thnd Atk +8 Agility +6 Thnd Dfs +3

How to obtain:

Dropped Thunder Ruins: Fallen Angel, Guilt Azrael
Thorn Wasteland: Savage Dogface, Savage Priest, Savage Head (BOSS)
North of Mirror Lake: Water Goblin, Elf Narice (BOSS)
Dragon Graveyard: Desert Cooer
Deity Palace Ruins: Mirror Elf, Fane Priest (BOSS)
Golden Beach: Puqi Local
Mysterious Area: Savage Priest, Mirror Elf (BOSS)
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