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Type Equip Slot Hardiness Weight Required Level
Armor Hands 50 50 Level 38


Defense Spell Defense Rigor
+47 +21 +49

How to obtain:

Dropped by: Sold by: Produced by: Item Mall Other
- - - - Exchange

Set parts:

Body Head Hands Feet Back
2en4u9l.png f20xnd.png dn1pg6.png otj5vt.png r19yzp.png
Space Definition Twisted Space Space Controller Space Span Space Range

Set bonuses:1

1 part 2 parts 3 parts 4 parts 5 parts
- +20 Defense +200 Maximum MP +1600 Weight -10% collection time


Exchange conditions:
Exchange for 15 Dream Pieces with Inspector Lebram in Nightmare Cave


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