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Type Equip Slot Hardiness Weight Required Level Price
Armor Feet 50 50 Vestment 31 Buy: 4801
Sell: 1416


Defense Spell Defense Agility
+10 +17 +11

How to obtain:

Dropped Crashing Hillock: White Wolf, Giant Boar (BOSS)
Megalith Plain: Plain Titan, Mount Saby (BOSS)
Fungus Forest North: Dark Fungus, Mutant Mushroom (BOSS)
Nightmare Cave: Tribe Soldier, Tribe Priest, Tribe Axe Guard
Mysterious Area: Dark Fungus
Shop Cherry Village, Mysterious Garden, Gebuer Vale, Memory Cave: Mage Gear Seller

Whole Set:

Normal Good S-Class
Risker Alchemic Cap Good Risker Alchemic Cap Magic Alchemic Cap
Risker Alchemic Gown Good Risker Alchemic Gown Magic Alchemic Gown
Risker Cotton Gloves Good Risker Cotton Gloves Magic Gloves
Risker Rabbi's Shoes Good Risker Rabbi's Shoes Magic Rabbi's Shoes
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