Ring of Envoy

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Type Equip Slot Hardiness Weight Required Level Price
Trinket Trinket 40 20 25 Sell: 460


Defense Spell Defense Rigor Agility
+25 +17 +13 +9

How to obtain:

Dropped Dawn Harbor: Mousekin Mickey (BOSS), Golden Crab (BOSS),
Riprap Coast: Vice Head Pirate (BOSS), Sheep Music (BOSS)
Cryptic Moon swamp: Crystal Crab (BOSS), Frog Lord Kuppa (BOSS)
Jade Vale: Evil Moon Rabbit (BOSS)
Cactus Plain: Farmongee (BOSS), Lizard Lisad (BOSS)
Burning Desert: Undying Lord (BOSS)
Bottomless Pit: Wizard Mord (BOSS), Stunt Lord Abbi (BOSS)
Degula Maze: Eye Bershala (BOSS)
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