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Type Equip Slot Hardiness Weight Required Level Price
Gem - - 10 - Sell: 10
Can be set in the equipment which has a hole cut to increase the power.
If you continue to improve your equipment, you will have a chance to lose it after being intensified by 3.


Weapon Armor Shield
Attack +2%,
Spell Attack +6%
Defense +1%,
Spell Defense +3%
Defense +1%,
Spell Defense +3%

How to obtain:

Main Maps (monsters and bosses lvl 40+)
Cherry Village: Evil Crab (BOSS), Blue Potec (BOSS)
Crashing Hillock: Bloody Wolf (BOSS), Giant Boar (BOSS), Evil Wolf (BOSS)
Thunder Ruins: Fallen Angel, Burning Monster, Guilt Azrael,
Fallen Archangel (BOSS), Black Fire Harr (BOSS), Azrael's Aide (BOSS)
Thorn Wasteland: Savage Dogface, Savage Priest, Fire Barft,
Savage Header (BOSS), Savage Chief Apu (BOSS), Barft Laird (BOSS)
Mysterious Garden: Queen Angela (BOSS)
Quiet Vale: Evil Bishop,
Crazy Rosit (BOSS), Iron Scale Allen (BOSS), Skeletal Bishop (BOSS)
South of Mirror Lake: Circus Tyrant,
Gold Slarm (BOSS), Tree Elder (BOSS), Circus Leader (BOSS)
North of Mirror Lake: North Lake Slarm, Iron Crab, Water Goblin,
Platina Slarm (BOSS), Steel Clamp (BOSS), Elf Narice (BOSS)
Gebuer Vale: Header Gaberna (BOSS)
Megalith Plain: Green Wolf Tusk (BOSS), Mount Saby (BOSS), Giant Chief (BOSS)
Dragon Graveyard: Ancient Soldier, Desert Cooer, Hook Barft,
Silent Hero (BOSS), Death Cyclone (BOSS)
Deity Palace Ruins: Evil Fire Elf, Evil Wind Elf, Mirror Elf, Evil Earth Elf,
Fane Priest (BOSS), Fane Protector (BOSS)
Degula Maze: Bloody Pound (BOSS)
Memory Cave: Evil Cat Yese (BOSS)
Fungus Forest North: Hell Mouse (BOSS), Mutant Mushroom (BOSS), Elder Fungus (BOSS)
Foggy Forest: Exiled Earl, Lizard Chief (BOSS), Crazy Babi (BOSS), Marquis Blute (BOSS)
Mysterious Wetland: Nepenthes, Tree Elf, Marsh Wind Fairy,
Sexy Quli (BOSS), Black Tree (BOSS), Wind Fairy Clair (BOSS)

Mysterious Area: Tree Elf, Savage Priest, Evil Wind Elf, Mirror Elf, Azrael Leader (BOSS)

Dungeon (all bosses)
Sad Abyss: Evil Tree, Fetor Fly, Slave Driver
Fiery Path: Jail Warden, Wanderer, Bloody Flower
Lava Cave: Cuss Fire Lord, Giant Rotten Fly, Flame Elf
Flaming Door: Soul Guide, Soul Wizard, Miner Foreman
Underground Squere: Enmity Deissy, Gluttonous Shape, Charming Flower
Hell Palace: Injuried Angel, Sealed Elf Lord, Horn Dragon
Magic Kitchen Path: Guard Fire Barft, Guard Fasit, Rat Mosi, Rock God Mendun, Soul Slalin, Beelzebub
Gulp Room: Sleeper Nalica, Demon Kidace, Flamen Tomomy, Earl Makice, Glutton, Trapped Shar, Overlord Legte, Lion Dragon, Evil Eye

Atlantis (all bosses)
Pontiff Hululu, Coast Protector, Sharp-shooter, Sword Jellyfish, Leader Nio, Merman Hulio, Octopus Oliss, Rage Denio, Knight Clarc, Sea Explorer, Captain Hack, Sea Hunter Dipu, Captain Mark, Hicalu Machine, Hicalu 1, Mamen, Asharl, Sallen

Jungle (all bosses)
Crocodile Mr Ku, Rage Orangutan J, Leech Mrs Dorsa, Grimace Doyle, Hermit Hezon, Rainforest Bee, Ape King Thunder, Dream Elf Terrossi, Naga Colonel Zic, Wardenry Barda, Death Killer Camote, Naga Leader Arna, Artist Mars, Animal Colonel Mogu, Moth King Turna, Dream Elf Melia, Hook Worm King, Holy Guard, Fire Moth, Lion Knight, Sleeper Sandman, Puppet Demon, Belia

Desert (all bosses)
Valley Worm Kenny, Purple Scorpion Issac, Cactus Fighter, Lord Adrian, Destroyer Wesley, Poisonous Snake, Thief Walter, Female Priest Grace, Outpost Fighter, Blind Worm Rory, Harold The Dragon, Savage Elite Leslie, Raging Stoneman, Bottle Liam, Spearman Kente, Dancing Girl Bonnie, Scorpion Nick, Confused Smoker Sid, Scorp.Emperor Adrian, Leviathan, Lantern Chacha

Sunshine Palace (all bosses)
Dragon Knight, Vampire Suki, Dragon Captain Gordon, Disaster Envoy, Bitter Witch Doctor, Tenacious Death God, Dancing Angel Ray, Cat Lord Fay, Flower Genie, Silver Lord Nelio, Sacrificial Linda, Fierce Knight William

Floating Island (all bosses)
Oppressive Fernando, Hermit Bob, Warder Milly, Flapper Betta, Walker Gillian, Dragon Flame Delila, Blue Flower Envoy, Godly Ted, Envoy Susie, Crown Claudia, Soul Spencer, Butcher Scott, Soldier Murray, Explorer Eleanor, Skyman Carl, Crazy Lorna, Warrior Tatalo, Pontiff Barry, Season Coat, Envoy Alice, Mort the Claw,Charming Daphne, Mystic Keith, Dancing Simon, Fallen Martin, Botti Warden, Rayman,Priest Terence, Bloody Hoof, Lilith

Space Cowboy (all bosses)
Chief Roloma, Withervine Odifa
Power Cardset
Rainforest Ecology
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