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Type Equip Slot Hardiness Weight Required Level Price
Lucky Bag - - 10 5 -

How to obtain:

Given Gift from Michael

Item Drop Table

Chance to drop Icon Item Short info
100,00% 5640.gif Milk Bread x30 Food (HP +300)
100,00% 5644.gif Fruit Wine x30 Food (MP +300)
100,00% 5650.gif Chocolate Pie x10 Food (Max. HP +150 | 5 min)
100,00% 5653.gif Creamy Vegetable Soup x10 Food (Max. MP +150 | 5 min)
100,00% 5261.gif Newbie Gift Box - Garment Lvl 10


If you start with Garment dkill, you will get gifts for warriors even if you change your skills during the game.

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