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Type Equip Slot Hardiness Weight Required Level Price
Armor Head 50 50 Vestment 33 Sell: 2832


Defense Spell Defense
+37 +45

How to obtain:

Dropped Quiet Vale: Evil Nazarite, Crazy Rosit (BOSS)
South of Mirror Lake: Lake Slarm, Gold Slarm (BOSS)
Foggy Forest: Fog Lizard, Lizard Chief (BOSS)
Nightmare Cave: Hook Attendant, Gebuer Tank
Treasure Suspected Gravel Piles

Whole Set:

Normal Good S-Class
Risker Alchemic Cap Good Risker Alchemic Cap Magic Alchemic Cap
Risker Alchemic Gown Good Risker Alchemic Gown Magic Alchemic Gown
Risker Cotton Gloves Good Risker Cotton Gloves Magic Gloves
Risker Rabbi's Shoes Good Risker Rabbi's Shoes Magic Rabbi's Shoes
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