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Type Equip Slot Hardiness Weight Required Level Price
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How to obtain:

Dropped Cherry Village: Spine Turtle, Vice Piratekin
Crashing Hillock: Green Wolf, Tusk Boar, White Wolf, Giant Boar (BOSS), Evil Wolf (BOSS)

Mysterious Garden: Flaming Rose, Thunder Rabbit
Quiet Vale: Evil Nazarite, Wild Lizardman, Evil Bishop, Crazy Rosit (BOSS), Iron Scale Allen (BOSS), Skeletal Bishop (BOSS)
South of Mirror Lake: Lake Slarm, Lake Deathwood, Circus Tyrant, Gold Slarm (BOSS), Tree Elder (BOSS), Circus Leader (BOSS)
North of Mirror Lake: North Lake Slarm, Platina Slarm (BOSS)

Gebuer Vale: Rotten Bird, Gebuer Cadre
Megalith Plain: Green Wolf, Tusk Boar, Plain Titan, Mount Saby (BOSS), Giant Chief (BOSS)
Dragon Graveyard: Ancient Soldier, Silent Hero (BOSS)

Memory Cave: Porky Man, Magic Cat
Fungus Forest South: Giant Mouse, Orange Mushroom, Dark Fungus, Mutant Mushroom (BOSS), Elder Fungus (BOSS)
Foggy Forest: Fog Lizard, Cursed Ghost Kid, Exiled Earl, Lizard Chief (BOSS), Crazy Babi (BOSS), Marquis Blute (BOSS)
Mysterious Wetland: Nepenthes, Sexy Quli (BOSS)

Mysterious Area: Dark Fungus, Wild Lizardman
Lucky Bag Angel Protector Lvl 35 Lucky Bag
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