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Type Equip Slot Hardiness Weight Required Level Price
Map - - 1 - -
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How to obtain:

Dropped Dawn Harbor: Grey Mouse, Soldier Crab, Mousekin Mickey (BOSS), Golden Crab (BOSS)
Riprap Coast: Harp Sheep, Riprap Pirate, Piratekin, Vice Head Pirate (BOSS), Sheep Music (BOSS)
Cherry Village: Cherry Crab, Evil Crab (BOSS), Blue Potec (BOSS)
Crashing Hillock: Bloody Wolf (BOSS)

Cryptic Moon Swamp: Mud Crab, Marsh Frog, Crystal Crab (BOSS), Frog Lord Kuppa (BOSS)
Jade Vale: Unicorn Rabbit, Green Lizard, Magic Eye Member, Evil Moon Rabbit (BOSS)
Mysterious Garden: Garden Elf, Queen Angela (BOSS)

Cactus Plain: Plateau Monkey, Ball Lizardman, Farmongee (BOSS), Lizard Lisad (BOSS)
Burning Desert: Toxic Spider, Mummy, Mummy Leader, Undying Lord (BOSS)
Gebuer Vale: Gebuer, Header Gaberna (BOSS)
Megalith Plain: Green Wolf Tusk (BOSS)

Bottomless Pit: Frantic Wizard, Fire Mimic, Wizard Mord (BOSS), Stunt Lord Abbi (BOSS)
Degula Maze: Little Eye, One-eyed Bat, Evil Leech, Eye Bershala (BOSS), Bloody Pound (BOSS)
Memory Cave: Decrusader, Evil Cat Yese (BOSS)
Fungus Forest South: Hell Mouse (BOSS)

Mysterious Area: One-eyed Bat
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