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Letin's Chain zkfhjc.png


Type Equip Slot Hardiness Weight Required Level
Armor Body 70 80 Level 65


Defense Spell Defense
+236 +54

How to obtain:

Dropped by: Sold by: Produced by: Item Mall Other
- - - - Exchange


Exchange for 200 Energy Crystals, Torn Gear Shards and Craftsman Soul with Smith Waliz in Hell Palace.

Set parts:
zkfhjc.png Letin's Chain
24nqsef.png Letin's Soar
fjknjd.png Letin's Scale
fjknjd.png Letin's Movement
2zrhyiq.png Letin's Deadly Target

Bonus from Letin set:

Letin Storm*2: +20 Accuracy, +40 Agility

Letin Storm*3: +120 Defense

Letin Storm*4: +350 upper limit of HP, +200 upper limit of MP

Letin Storim*5: +10 Strike, +40 Spell Defense

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