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Type Equip Slot Hardiness Weight Required Level Price
Gem - - 1 Item Level 20 Sell: 10


Can be set in the equipment which has a hole cut to increase the power.
Weapon Armor Shield
Fire Atk +4 Max HP +22 Fire Dfs +2

How to obtain:

Dropped Dawn Harbor: Soldier Crab, Mousekin Mickey (BOSS)
Riprap Coast: Harp Sheep
Cherry Village: Cherry Crab, Spine Turtle, Blue Potec (BOSS)
Crashing Hillock: Green Wolf, Tusk Boar, White Wolf, Giant Boar (BOSS)

Cryptic Moon Swamp: Marsh Frog, Crystal Crab (BOSS)
Jade Vale: Unicorn Rabbit
Mysterious Garden: Garden Elf, Flaming Rose, Queen Angela (BOSS)
Quiet Vale: Wild Lizardman, Evil Bishop, Iron Scale Allen (BOSS)
South of Mirror Lake: Lake Deathwood, Circus Tyrant, Tree Elder (BOSS)

Cactus Plain: Ball Lizardman, Lizard Lisad (BOSS)
Burning Desert: Toxic Spider, Mummy Leader
Gebuer Vale: Rotten Bird, Header Gaberna (BOSS)
Megalith Plain: Green Wolf, Tusk Boar, Plain Titan, Mount Saby (BOSS)

Bottomless Pit: Fire Mimic, Stunt Lord Abbi (BOSS)
Degula Maze: Little Eye, Evil Leech
Memory Cave: Porky Man, Evil Cat Yese (BOSS)
Fungus Forest North: Giant Mouse, Orange Mushroom, Dark Fungus, Mutant Mushroom (BOSS)
Foggy Forest: Cursed Ghost Kid, Exiled Earl, Crazy Babi (BOSS)
Mysterious Wetland: Nepenthes, Sexy Quli (BOSS)

Mysterious Area: Dark Fungus, Wild Lizardman
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