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Type Equip Slot Hardiness Weight Required Level Price
Gem - - 1 - Sell: 10


Can be set in the equipment which has a hole cut to increase the power.
Weapon Armor Shield
Rtn Atk +2 Rigor +2 Rtn Dfs +1

How to obtain:

Dropped Spike Farm: Jackstraw, Pumpkin Banni (BOSS)
Sunflower Plain: Evil Slarm, Pumpkin Pluto (BOSS)
Dawn Harbor: Turtle
Dense Forest: Nest Tree Elf, Flame Lily (BOSS)
Mushroom Forest: Mane Boar, Yellow Mushroom (BOSS)
Cryptic Moon Swamp: Elf
Wishing Tear: Ocher Toad
Scrap Iron Village: Buccinal Robot, Metal Robot (BOSS)
Cactus Plain: Spear Lizardman
Shadowy Path: Red-cloth Skull, Giant Cat Cinlo (BOSS)
Fungus Forest South: Imp, Dream Paopao (BOSS)
Bottomless Pit: Crow Wizard
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