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Type Equip Slot Hardiness Weight Required Level Price
Axe Main Hand 120 80 160 Buy: ?
Sell: ?


Attack Attack Speed Rigor Beating Rate Stat
? 1 ? 3 ?

How to obtain:

Dropped Poker Castle: Goddess Thalia (BOSS)
Shilly Desert: Sabertooth Yagre (BOSS)
Unknown Chambers: King Tomb's Mage
Butterfly Garden: Pompom Wraith
Radiant Cave: Penguin Chief Flippa (BOSS)
Agysical Tunnel: Beany Vine Imp
Joy Festival: Prawn Sushi
Fruity Village: Shy Ant
Shop Area Name: Shop Name
Produced Producer
Quest Area Name: Quest Name
Lucky Bag
Badge Exchange
Item Mall


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