Angelos Hood

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Type Equip Slot Hardiness Weight Required Level Price
Armor Head 30 50 Vestment 13 Sell: 64


Defense Spell Defense
+17 +25

How to obtain:

Dropped Spike Farm: Pumpkin Banni (BOSS), Jackstraw Mige (BOSS)
Sunflower Plain: Magic Pumpkinman
Dense Forest: Flame Lily (BOSS), Monkey Nassi (BOSS)
Mushroom Forest: Red Mushroom
Wishing Tear: Crystal Lizard (BOSS)
Scrap Iron Village: Radiant Slarm
Shadowy Path: Skull Leader (BOSS), Giant Cat Cinlo (BOSS)
Fungus Forest South: Paopao (BOSS)
Treasure Dusty Wooden Box

Whole Set:

Normal Good S-Class
Basic Incantation Hood Good Basic Incantation Hood Angelos Hood
Basic Incantation Gown Good Basic Incantation Gown Angelos Gown
Basic Jute Gloves Good Basic Jute Gloves Angelos Gloves
Basic Sandals Good Basic Sandals Angelos Sandals
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