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Follow these rules.

1) Be a good contributer.

Follow the formatting rules when building pages whenever possible. This means using proper templates, categories and file formats. Consistent failure to do so resulting in me or someone else having to clean up after you may earn you a ban. I'll be very lenient on this one, especially for people just learning to use a Wiki. However, if it seems like you are purposefully using wierd colors like hot pink or lime green, or using odd fonts like wingdings AFTER I warn you to stop, well thats when I'll bring out the ban-stick and start swinging.

2) Don't spam.

Definition of Spam:
Links to pages outside the wiki placed on a wiki page, that have nothing to do with Angels Online. (Forums don't count, put whatever you want there)
Purposefully defacing a page. This will be especially enforced on the league pages, as I imagine some leagues will catch a lot of flaming.
Spam = Ban. No exceptions.

3) Don't harass people.

Definition of Harassment:
Anything I or another moderator say it is. Don't be a jerk here.
Harassment = Ban.

4) Practice friendly typing.

Don't post in the forums in all capital letters.
Don't swear.

Definition of Ban:

Ban = All accounts associated with your IP, AND your IP address will be banned. If I ban you, you won't even be able to see this page. I don't play around.

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